Entertaining the notion of buying a boat?  Spending time on the water is an enjoyable and relaxing way of life, and there are things you need to consider when choosing the boat that’s right for you and your family.

  1. Consider the types of activities you want to engage in on your boat.  If you’re interested in having several passengers and plenty of room for gear, you want to be able to fish with a friend or two, or you want to have a place to spend the night while you’re on the water…these are all things you’ll want to be clear on before beginning your search.
  2. Where do you want to use your boat?  On an inland lake or in the ocean?  These are important factors, as not all boats are appropriate for lake boating and some lake boats could be dangerous in the ocean.
  3. Do you want to trailer your boat or store it at the location where you’ll be using it?  If you want to store your boat in a wet slip or a dry marina, these are important factors.  Get to know your marina owners and workers, find out if storage includes winterization and dry storage, transport and lift service to the water when you’re ready to use your boat, electrical hookups and water at the slip, etc.
  4. Consider your budget.  There are lots of costs associated with boat ownership and use, including insurance, gear, storage, fuel, maintenance, etc.  Consider your budget and stick to it when you’re planning your boat purchase.
  5. Be comfortable with your decision.  Don’t be pressured into a purchase or buy a particular boat just because it’s a great value.  Make sure your needs are met and that you’re completely comfortable with your decision before you take the plunge into boat ownership!
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